32mm Hot Sales Durable Stright Electrical Duct PVC Couplings

Type: 20, 25,32,38,50 MM
Material: PVC
Color: White/Black

Product Details

Main Description
Application Area
Residential, municipal and construction drainage system. Public service drainage system. Highway, roadway drainage system. Agriculture, gardening and water conservation drainage system.
Chmical plant and mining enterprises drainage system. 

Import it in the main chain of the vinyl chloride monomer copolymerization, got the link consists of two monomers of new polymer, the polymer is called a copolymer.Vinyl chloride copolymer with other monomers main varieties and properties are as follows:

: (1) vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate copolymer of vinyl acetate monomer introduction can have the effect of plasticizer commonly, also referred to as the \"internal plasticization, can avoid general plasticizer volatilization of shortcomings, such as pump, migration and can also reduce the melt viscosity, lower processing temperature, improve the processing performance.Copolymer of vinyl acetate content is commonly 3 ~ 14%.

Vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate copolymer are the main disadvantages of tensile strength, heat distortion temperature, abrasion resistance, chemical stability and thermal stability.

2 - vinyl chloride vinylidene chloride copolymer, the plasticizing properties of copolymer, softening temperature and solubility and intramolecular plasticizing effect and vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate copolymer are basically the same.Its biggest characteristic is water and gas transmittance is small, high solubility in ketone solvents, the dilution effect of hydrocarbon and ability, thus can be effectively used in the coating.In addition, also used to produce shrink film.Due to the thermal and light stability than vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate copolymer, unit cost is higher, so there is no vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate on application widely.

(3) vinyl chloride - acrylate copolymer, the internal plasticizing effect of the copolymer and vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate, better thermal stability, can be used in the manufacture of hard and soft products, improve the processability and impact resistance and cold resistance, etc.Can also be used for coating, adhesive, etc.

(4) vinyl chloride - maleic acid ester copolymer: this kind of copolymer of maleic acid ester content is 15%, the plasticizing effect similar to vinyl chloride - acrylate.Has good processing performance.Physical and mechanical properties to reduce small, heat resistance is higher than general copolymer.

5] vinyl chloride - olefin copolymer, such as ethylene, propylene olefin monomer copolymerization, liquidity can be obtained, thermal stability, impact resistance and transparency, heat resistance and other excellent copolymer resin.

Products Features
1) Installation during the process of construction, electrical equipment, electrical components, etc.
2) High strength and toughness, are suitable for all kinds of bad conditions, and not easy distorted.
3) With no smell attracting rodent, avoid suffering from biotic attack.
4) No poison no second pollution.
5) Free from weakness caused by rusting, weathering and chemical actions.
6) Good insulation property, good fire- resistant, good combustion-resistance.
7) Protects wire and cable from easy damage.
8) PVC connector are used as surface mounting, control box, junction box, switch box or general service box and pipe.

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