38mm UPVC Customized Widely Use Bauer Couplings

Type: 20, 25,32,38,50 MM
Material: PVC
Color: White/Black

Product Details

Main Description
The Pvc couplings also named Pvc coupers, we can do any colors for this production.
OEM are welcome.
We provide sample for you by free.If you want any sample for your quality detacton,pls contact us for sample.

Products Features

1. Most plastics are light, chemically stable and not corroded.

2. Good impact resistance;

3. Good transparency and abrasion resistance;

4. Good insulation and low thermal conductivity; 

5. Normal molding, good coloring and low processing cost;

6. Most plastics have poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate and easy combustion.

7. Poor dimensional stability and easy deformation;

8. Most plastics have low temperature tolerance and brittle at low temperature;

9. Easy to age;

Some plastics are soluble in solvents.

Plastic can be divided into two types: thermosetting and thermal plasticity. The former cannot be reshaped and used, and the latter can be repeatedly produced.

Product  Application

Household electrical appliances

  1.Electrical insulating paint 2. Wire and cable sheath 3.such as refrigerators, freezers, disinfection cabinet, water heater thermal insulation layer 4. Washing machine electronics waterproof pouring sealant