20mm pvc flange adaptors and couplings

Type: 20, 25,32,38,50 MM
Material: PVC
Color: White/Black

Product Details

Main Description

   These lightweight fittings are manufactured to meet the needs of residential waste water control, residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural rain and storm runoff systems and other non-pressure applications.
Products Features And Benifits

PVC is formed by the combination of chlorine, carbon and hydrogen in the form of polymer chains. PVC-M is formed by the addition of compatible modifying agents to the PVC matrix, forming an alloy rather than a copolymer. The addition of modifying agents increases the ductility while virtually retaining the same material strength.

Improved Material Performance 

  The alloying of PVC with modifying polymers achieves improvement in resistance to cracking. The result is the minimisation of the effect of stress concentrators such as scratches. With a consequent reduction in the factor of safety, higher wall stresses are allowable which lead to reduced wall thickness.

Hydraulic Efficiency 

  The increased internal diameter for a given external diameter makes Vinidex Hydro® a more efficient conduit than PVC-U and ductile iron.

Light Weight 

  PVC is already recognised as the lightest and easiest of pipeline materials to handle. Vinidex Hydro® further increases this advantage. Depending on size and class, weight savings in excess of 10% over PVC-U is available.

System Compatibility 

  Whether supplied in Series 1 for the irrigation industry or Series 2 for the water industry, Vinidex Hydro® is fully compatible with existing pipeline systems with the full range of valves and fittings available.

Corrosion resistant 

  Hydro pipes are totally unaffected by soil and water chemicals and will not be affected by anything that can normally be found in sewage effluent.

No adverse effect on water quality 

  Hydro pipes will not affect the taste, smell, appearance or health aspects of drinking water.

8) PVC connector are used as surface mounting, control box, junction box, switch box or general service box and pipe.

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