50mm PVC Electrical Wiring Cable Fittings Astm Female Adaptor

Type: 20, 25,32,38,50 MM
Material: PVC
Color: White/Black

Product Details

Main Description
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Products Features
1) Installation during the process of construction, electrical equipment, electrical components, etc.
2) High strength and toughness, are suitable for all kinds of bad conditions, and not easy distorted.
3) With no smell attracting rodent, avoid suffering from biotic attack.
4) No poison no second pollution.
5) Free from weakness caused by rusting, weathering and chemical actions.
6) Good insulation property, good fire- resistant, good combustion-resistance.
7) Protects wire and cable from easy damage.
8) PVC connector are used as surface mounting, control box, junction box, switch box or general service box and pipe.

Light weight, higher than strength. Plastic light, the density of general plastics are between 0.9 ~ 2.3 g/cm3, only about half of the 1/8 ~ 1/4 of steel, aluminum, and all kinds of plastic foam density is lower, about 0.01 ~ 0.5 g/cm3. The strength of the unit mass is called specific strength, and some of the reinforced plastics are closer to or more than the steel. For example, the tensile strength of the alloy steel is 160 mpa and the glass fiber reinforced plastic can reach 170 ~ 400 MB.

Excellent electrical insulation performance. Almost all plastics have excellent electrical insulating properties, such as tiny dielectric losses and excellent arc resistance properties, which are comparable to ceramics.

Excellent chemical stability. General plastics for acid and alkali chemical drugs have good corrosion resistant ability, especially the resistance to chemical corrosion performance of ptfe is better than gold, even can "aqua regia" and so on the corrosive electrolyte corrosion, known as "plastics king".